What is Health Home?

And Why Do I Need One?

A Health Home is a continuous partnership between the Primary Care Physician’s practice and the patient. The primary goal of the Health Home is to keep the patient as healthy as possible by proactively addressing potential problems, managing known conditions and appropriately dealing with situations as they arise.

When part of a Health Home, the patient experience is improved through:

Providing better access to Primary Care Physicians

Utilization of a “Whole Person” care concept

Providing the patient a “Champion” to navigate the healthcare system

Enabling the patient to be an active partner in their healthcare decisions

Optimization of health and affordability


Comprehensive Management

Health Homes provide comprehensive management of your medical health history, ensuring updated medical records reflect all prior illnesses and treatment. This facilitates consistent and timely services for any future care needs.


Better Patient Care

Having an established Health Home should reduce the need for:

  • Inappropriate emergency department visits
  • Redundant diagnostic tests
  • Use of high-tech radiology
  • Medications
  • Visits to specialists that the Health Home can provide

Reducing Out of Pocket Expenses

All while providing better patient care and reducing out of pocket expenses: 

When part of a Health Home, the patient experience is improved through: 


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield provides us with this definition of the Health Home concept:

. “We believe the doctor-patient relationship is the most important in health care. Every patient should have a relationship with a primary care physician who knows and understands their individual health care needs, can provide comprehensive ‘whole patient’ health care services, and will serve as their champion, helping them navigate the complex health care system to ensure they get the care they need when and where they need it. This is the key to improving quality and outcomes and, subsequently, lowering costs.”  

Where Does a Specialist Fit Into the Health Home Concept?


Collaborative Relationship

The Health Home enhances the use of specialists based on the collaborative relationship already in place with the PCP.


One Point of Contact

This allows for one point of contact and a prioritization of care based on your specific medical situation


Treating More Quickly and Efficiently

With this approach, your PCP and the specialist increase the likelihood of diagnosing and treating the issue more quickly and efficiently


Increased Care Quality

Together, your Health Home and the specialist provide increased care quality at a lower cost by avoiding unnecessary testing and exams caused by self-referrals.

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